FM Career Corner

Helping Students Seek Employment and Internships

Welcome Students!  This site is for you to use to see postings for Jobs, Internships, and part-time jobs while in college!  Use this resource to connect to the faculty member to better understand your options while at FM!

Employers need FM students to work upon graduation.

Students also need internships to gain valuable hands-on-learning that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Internship Application

The link will take you to the Internship application. Please, verify with your advisor that an internship is possible before filling out this application.

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Faculty Reccomendation Application

This form is for the faculty to fill out after the student has submitted their internship application.

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Andrea Scribner

Career Specialist

Andrea works with our students who are seeking employment upon graduation from FM.

Daniel Fogarty

Internship Coordinator

Dan works with our current students on securing internship locations within their major.

Please indicate if you are seeking to meet about a job or internship.  We look forward to setting up an individual meeting with you!


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