Job Description Program:Community ResidenceI

Job Title:Residence Counselor

Supervisor:Program Director                           

Status:hourly, non-exempt

Position Summary: The program is a 24-hour community residence for individuals with behavioral health issues who are in need of rehabilitative support. The Residence Counselor will work with other staff members topromote an individual recovery process with individuals who reside with us consistent with theirneeds and desires. The Residence Counselor is expected to work cooperatively and to communicate in an open and effective manner.Minimum QualificationsHigh School diploma or equivalent; Valid NYS driver’s license and approved by the agency’s vehicle insurance carrier;be 18 years of age or older; have a telephone; ability to travel to all levelsof the facility and to perform light work;basiccomputer skills; ability to certify for First Aide/CPR; and passbackground check through the NYS Justice Centerand NYS Central Registry.EssentialJob Duties1.Implement Individual Action Plan (IAP) byproviding approved Medicaid billable services including: Assertiveness/Self Advocacy, Community Integration, Daily Living Skills Training, Health Services, Medication Management, Parenting Training, Rehabilitation Counseling, Skill Development, Socialization, Substance Abuse, and Symptom Management.a.Teach Independent Living skillsincluding:1)Proper nutrition, menu planning, preparation of a grocery list, reading recipes, meal preparation, food storage, and shopping. 2)Basic housekeeping skills.3)Instruct and supervise residents in appropriate personal hygiene skills.4)Assist residents in developing money management skills.5)Encourage residents to develop appropriate social skills and participate in recreational and leisure time activities.6)Develop and implement structured recreational/group activities.7)Helpresidents to utilizecommunity resources for financial, medical, employment, educational and recreational needs.2.Ensure all necessary information is documented properly and in a timely fashion.a.Complete Assessment for Restorative Services.b.Complete Monthly Summary updates and all reviews on assigned residents.c.Complete documentation for progress notes.3.Provide appropriate supervision to residents when taking medications.4.Follow emergency on call procedures.a.Be alert to potential crisis, intervene and make appropriate notifications.b.Demonstrate appropriate assessment skills and crisis intervention.Other Job DutiesCounseling and Problem Solvinga.Act as an effective role model for residents.b.Orient new residents to the program.c.Foster open communication, and show understanding, support, and respect to all residents.Site Maintenance and Safetya.Performgeneral maintenance and upkeep of the residence.b.Report malfunctions of equipment and facility or property-related problems to the appropriate personnel. c.Monitor vehicles for safety and repair needs as well as keeping them filled with gas.d.Instruct residents in fire safety procedures and run routine drills as assigned.e.Follow all universal precaution guidelines and policies.f.Complete Safety and Emergency checklist weekly.Miscellaneousa.Attend and participate in scheduled staff meetings and trainings.b.Report any and all problems and concerns to your supervisor.a.Purchase necessary items(i.e., food, supplies)for the program.Record all expenditures from the recreation and petty cash.__________________________________________________